Paris Review: William Gibson, The Art of Fiction

Easily the most in-depth interview with William Gibson in years, David Wallace-Wells’s article is a must read.

I also wanted science fiction to be more naturalistic. There had been a poverty of description in much of it. The technology depicted was so slick and clean that it was practically invisible. What would any given SF favorite look like if we could crank up the resolution? As it was then, much of it was like video games before the invention of fractal dirt. I wanted to see dirt in the corners.


Zero History is Coming!

Zero History, the next installment in William Gibson’s series that began with Pattern Recognition and Spook Country is to be released in the US on September 7, 2010.

The countdown blog will begin within the next two weeks! To stay on top of the chapter summaries and related info, stay tuned to Node Magazine through this blog, RSS feed or @nodemagazine on Twitter.

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