About NODE

In January 2007, patternboy appealed to the William Gibson discussion board in the hopes of creating a multi-author blog where other Gibson fans could post stories in the Spook Country universe as those who live there.

Since then, the original NODE has been hailed as “the future of literary criticism” by legendary critic John Sutherland and called “cheap A.I.” and “genuinely new” by William GIbson himself [see Sutherland | Gibson interview]. NODE also inspired a wikipedia article and a mirror site by Memetic Engineer [who edits a Zero History blog for Gibson’s latest work published in September 2010].

[NOTE: For even more detail re: the evolution of this blog, please view Is NodeMagazine Mostly About NodeMagazine?]


One thought on “About NODE

  1. Terry Greenfield says:

    Hollis Henry is my idea of a “real” woman. When I saw that “node” is, in fact, for real I just had to sign on. I’m a latecomer to Gibson’s writing (I’m 64), but I have allowed myself to be totally immersed in his work. Along with his books I have audio and CD recordings of his work and the DVD, as well. I had Neuromancer on my book shelf for a few years, as I couldn’t follow it! Now I can and am amazed by the story, made even easier by the audio book. I don’t think of Hubertus as a Tome Cruise-looking kinda guy, rather, I see him as older, bushy eye brows, red hair, big shoulders and trim but large body. His schemes are what keep him going/alive. I like Laney, too, and am sorry he wound up in a cardboard box to escape Rez. I think of Rez as a cross between David Bowie and Zaphod Beeblebrox (Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy). In lust with Molly!!! Anyway, that’s all for now. Glad I found NODE – Terry

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