Looxcie Wearable Camera

The Looxcie Wearable Camera is like something right out of a William Gibson novel:

Looxcie Wearable Camera

[via CNET]


4 thoughts on “Looxcie Wearable Camera

  1. Terry Greenfield says:

    I’m beset by BRANDS and THINGIES! I’m sort of a cool-hunter/gatherer. I purchased a Buzz Rickson’s MA-1 black jacket just like Cayce’s and the Looxcie camera. Both are amazing products. The Looxcie is almost invisible when worn (could almost be a spy-cam) and has forced me to upgrade my stuff to handle it. The Rickson’s was “constructed” to my measurements! It’s simply impressive. Now I know why Cayce loves it. It is part of Rickson’s “William Gibson Collection”, and looks real sharp with my black BMW 2-seat coupe (for real). Now, if only I wore hats I could contact Magda… Terry

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