Node Magazine May or May Not Exist

Node Magazine for example, is another hallmark of a Gibson novel. An advertising executive named Bigend, who appeared in Gibson’s last novel, ‘Patterson Recognition’, runs node Magazine. Mysterious, rich and having power over media and advertising, he is a creepy figure who is investing in Node Magazine and is a creepy figure to Hollis, as she tries to make sense of what she is really doing. Hollis keeps having the feeling that this magazine she is writing for, because it’s located on the internet and not in print, may or may not exist” [via Alec Horowitz at Typewriter Riot].


One thought on “Node Magazine May or May Not Exist

  1. Terry Greenfield says:

    NODE may or may not exist, but for a bunch of us it is real enough. Can we get a larger illustration of the NODE magazine cover so we can use it for wallpaper? I have Molly Millions on screen, but would love to have NODE for a while – Terry

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