Cayce Pollard Fashion: So Awesome You Can’t Even See Her


Fun exploration of Cayce Pollard [the protagonist from William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition] as fashion icon [via No Good For Me]:

Cayce is totally attuned to proportion, line, silhouette — all the subtleties of design that a style sophisticate is keenly aware of. It fits in with Cayce’s exquisite sensitivity to the meaning and context of style — what clothes say, what they reveal and hide, the real semiotics of it all…

There’s something so pure about Cayce as a character, something both irresistibly impenetrable yet serenely composed; she’s like looking at water after being surrounded by design pollution all day. She stands for the ultimate rejection of the Fashion Industrial Complex. The absolute commitment of her style and her awareness of it within the larger context of fashion and capitalism make her a grade-A fashion thinker — a real icon, however imaginary.


One thought on “Cayce Pollard Fashion: So Awesome You Can’t Even See Her

  1. Terry Greenfield says:

    Well, I went and did it! After reading Pattern Recognition, and needing a Fall coat anyway, I called Buzz Rickson’s and ordered the Buzz Rickson’s MA-1, “William Gibson” edition of the jacket. The service was beyond any expectation, confirming all measurement requirements, and making recommendations, and we put together the appropriate sizing. Although Cayce had some difficulty getting a replacement MA-1, and having Blue Ant track one down for her, there was no problem here. Yes, it IS a custom model, but Buzz’s people made it a very smooth sale. If you’d like to look into one, you can call 856-489-8103, ask for Ginna or Charles. No, it ain’t cheap, but real quality never is. Now if only Hubertus would give me job at Blue Ant, I’m ready! – Terry

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