Neuromancer Movie Update: Liv Tyler as Molly?

Liv Tyler as Molly Millions with Hayden Christensen’s Case? Please, Wintermute, say it ain’t so! [via JoBlo]:

When last we heard from the Joseph Kahn directed NEUROMANCER, the big screen adaptation of William Gibson’s groundbreaking science fiction novel, Hayden Christensen had signed on to star as protagonist Case, who’s reckless hacking leads him to all kinds of trouble. Now “Production Weekly” is reporting that Liv Tyler is in talks to take an unspecified role in the film. Those of you familiar with the story, feel free to strike back who you think she could be playing. The story is, of course, much more complex and involved than simply a hacker who gets into trouble but recalling it here would take a day or two so look it up if you’re curious. Tyler most recently signed on to the thriller 10A10B.


5 thoughts on “Neuromancer Movie Update: Liv Tyler as Molly?

  1. IceTroll says:

    Well, why not Tyler as Molly? She wouldn’t be the worse (imagine hmmmm I don’t know… say… Cameron Diaz lol).

    But Christensen… Holy fuckin matrix mother of ICE… Please no.

  2. BrainMovement says:

    Definitely 3Jane. That actually makes sense.

    Very much UN-like Kahn as the director and HC as Case.

    If it doesn’t suck …’ll be a miracle.

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