Barack Obama and the Return of Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk mindscapes and dark cities [via]:

The cyberpunk boom finally hit the movies during Clinton’s first term, with films like Johnny Mnemonic, Strange Days and Virtuosity depicting noir-ish worlds where people interface with computers. It was the era when ordinary people were discovering the Internet, and the World Wide Web was booming, so the idea of “entering cyberspace” as a physical avatar popped up frequently in pop culture. This could be frequently cheesy — like in Virtuosity, where Russell Crowe’s crazy rampage in a virtual sushi bar leaves a whole bunch of cops with their brains turning into CG confetti:

We’ll we see a cyberpunk comeback, or more shows and movies about virtual reality, now that the technocrats are back in charge? Hard to say — nobody’s as gee-whiz about the Internet as they were in 1993, but Ron Moore’s new VR-on-a-spaceship show Virtuality has a very mid-1990s cyberpunk feel to it.


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