Curta Simulator

Gibson has a great eye for obscure, yet fashionable tech. If you read Pattern Recognition and wondered what it would be like to own a Curta mechanical calculator, check out Jan Meyer’s virtual Curta simulator [by way of Karlin Lillington]. 


One thought on “Curta Simulator

  1. doc says:

    Hello I live in so. Cal and on May 17th I was helping a friend empty out her storage locker. After a few hours of digging thru boxes and loads to the dumpster and to my truck I came across a black capsule looking thing with the word CURTA printed on it. I first encountered the reverse threads. First I thought I had found a compact coffee bean grinder. Studying it a minute furtrher I was thinking I had found a orginizer/ drill bit sharpener. The next day after work I googeled “CURTA”. I was speechless as the links came up. I’m a elevator Service Tech with 26 yrs. in the field and this mechanical calculator has me pulling my hair out. Their is no doubt this unit has seen better days.

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