NodeMagazine: “Cheap A.I.”

Kevin Broome logs this summary of William Gibson at the CBC Book Club [scheduled to air Saturday September 15, between 8 and 9 a.m. and then available as a podcast on CBC Words At Large on Wednesday September 19].

He tells us of a fan site called Node, named after the under-the-radar magazine that the protagonist is hired by in Spook Country, on which Gibson fans have mapped any and all linkable references found in the pages of the novel. Gibson marvels at the speed that such endeavours can be executed in this day and age. A dozen people, in different times zones, “who are crazy” can achieve enormous things. Gibson describes it as cheap A.I.

And this from Steppin’ Locust on the William Gibson message board:

Seek: NODE online – encyclopedia of Spook Country’s details and marginalia – visual concordance to each googleable reference in the novel – Google is there the way your memory is there – your brain is going to grow into google

We volunteer to become parts of vast distributed intelligences that are fantastically smarter than we are.


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