ASCII Locative Art

Matrix Goggles: “Russian artists from Moscow presented in London the totally useless but somehow cool device – goggles that you can put on and feel yourself like a robot from a Terminator movie or like somebody else from ‘the cyberspace’.” [via William Gibson]

For more on locative art, check out Drew Hemment’s Locative Arts page:

The artist: the first person to set out a boundary stone, or to make a mark.When the oceans became navigable due to the invention of the chronometer as an on-board ship location device, the view of the Earth and our relationship to it changed, and so did the forms of representation used to express or explore that relationship. The first photographs from the Apollo space missions changed once more the view of the Earth, and produced one of the most iconic, and ubiquitous, images ever produced. Today it is digital and satellite mapping technologies that have caught the attention of a new generation of artists and DIY technologists, who are exploring the use of portable, networked, location-aware computing devices for user-led mapping, social networking and artistic interventions in which geographical space becomes a canvas.


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