More references to NodeMagazine by William Gibson

Thanks to my friend Memetic Engineer for posting this report on a recent William Gibson book signing in the UK to his excellent blog

William Gibson mentioned Node website at least twice during his reading, talk and signing session at the TUC conference centre in London:

  • The very first question the moderator asked about was the impact of the annotations in the Node magazine – William Gibson seemed to be positive about them, but noted that the previous PR-otaku site for Pattern Recognition took about a year to appear after publication, whilst this project, to which I have added my own annotations here on this blog happened even before the official book publication date.
  • When asked about the impact of “micro-celebrity” and “Web 2.0” technology, William Gibson again cited his meeting with patternboy who made an impact from a small town in Colorado, with the help of international contributors.

19 thoughts on “More references to NodeMagazine by William Gibson

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