No Offense Intended…

I recently got an angry email from someone who asked that I not use their weblog to “promote your site. I’ve already heard more about it than I ever wanted to on the Gibson board.”

Wow! I must admit that I find this reaction baffling. Quite a few people have directed intense criticism about this project as if it had something to “promote” other than Gibson’s new novel apparently assuming that I have “Bigend-like” exploitation in mind.

There are no links here to anything other than reviews and some other fansites. The original intention was to create something interesting that would be of value to other Gibson fans. Inspired in part by by Anton Rauben Weiss’s William Gibson aleph site and Joe Clark’s PR-Otaku, I hoped to create a reference that would be of value to other fans. I also thought that othe fans who took the time to write blog entries about their enthusiasm for Gibson’s work would also find the site of interest.

Strangely, the most venomous criticism appears to be about the very IDEA of this blog [and its sister site the Node tumblog]. I haven’t really heard much criticism about the content itself. With that in mind, I will discontinue any attempts to directly “promote” anything on the Gibson discussion board or anywhere else and apologize for any trauma I may have inadvertantly triggered.

If you have something constructive to add, please pass it along here. I would love to know how I can make this resource better.


3 thoughts on “No Offense Intended…

  1. Memetic Engineer says:

    Obviously other people’s blogs and websites can choose to censor or block comments, even when they appear to have an open comments policy. This is understandable given the amount of clueless spam attempts to influence Google search engine rankings.

    Do not be disheartened by any such petty criticism by a minority of the people who frequent the official William Gibson board – they are not the majority of William Gibson’s fans or admirers, or of the wider public.

    What would be interesting to see in Node Magazine is some Wired/em> style “Corporate Advertisements” for, say, Blue Ant or Maas-Biotek, Tessier-Ashpool, or other fictional brand names devised by William Gibson or other cyberpunk authors.

  2. Citizen Spook says:

    Don’t worry about that asshole(s), he or she is simply projecting their jealousies onto you. Why didn’t I think of that…etc.

    As for Node Magazine, why not make it a real online magazine once all the Spook Country hype dies down? You have you first article ideas already–tracking shipping containers, South China Seas piracy, war chalking, geo-locative art. Try to make it an extension of Gibson’s world, which is the real world….

  3. console says:

    Just goes to show that even pro-technology Gibson fans can be backwater elitists who are quick to whine about decentralized content. The same thing happens with my peers, electronic musicians, quite often – the need to preserve one’s status as part of a small group of people who can do something no one else can or who are privy to information or insight no one else has. These people are embarrassments to those of us who actually attempt to explore new frontiers by contributing to them, as opposed to simply sitting in a corner intellectualizing themselves by way of something truly smart – anything Gibson does or says. Cheers to you for doing something on your own, let alone impressive. And anyone who complains about advertisement will certainly never get anything out into the world, virtual or otherwise. It’s the way things work, and railing against the idea is just as much a waste of time as railing against technological progress. Cheers, sir.

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