Gibson on “It’s sort of scary.”

“Someone’s already named a Web site after NODE, the nonexistent magazine in ‘Spook Country,’ ” [Gibson] said. “It’s sort of scary.” — Chris Watson, Bookends: William Gibson explores the science fiction of the here-and-now in his new novel [Santa Cruz Sentinel]


One thought on “Gibson on “It’s sort of scary.”

  1. Memetic Engineer says:

    Online IT trade publication has an interview with William Gibson by Steve Granger, in which he mentions this very Node Magazine blog and the project.

    Page 2 of the inteview:

    Q&A: William Gibson, science fiction novelist

    Heading into Spook Country with the cyberspace guru

    By Steve Ranger
    Published: Monday 6 August 2007


    How has technology changed writing?

    The thing that has affected me most directly during Pattern Recognition, and subsequently, is the really strange new sense I have of the Google-ability of the text. It’s as though there is a sort of invisible hyperlink theoretical text that extends out of the narrative of my novel in every direction.

    Someone has a website going where every single thing mentioned in Spook Country has a blog entry and usually an illustration so, every reference, someone has taken it, researched it and written a sort of little Wikipedia entry for it and all in the format of a website that pretends to be from a magazine called Node, which is an imaginary magazine, within Spook Country, and which turns out to be imaginary in the context of the narrative.

    I have this sense when I write now that the text doesn’t stop at the end of the page and I suppose I could create web pages somewhere and lead people to them through the text which is an interesting concept. I actually played with doing that in Spook Country but I didn’t know enough about it. Everything is bending towards hypertext now.


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