Meshverse Journal: Another Node

I recently found the excellent Meshverse Journal, re: “People, Places, Things and Events Converging Electronically.” A recenty entry does a nice job of describing nodes:

Many different uses of the term node exist but in the context of computer science, nodes can be considered to be elements of a mesh. It’s interesting to note that in 2003 when Pattern Recognition was released, Second Life was just being launched, and the phrase Web 2.0 was coined. Second Life has led to an expanded awareness and use of 3d mesh in everyday computing while Web 2.0 greatly increased the use of programming building blocks known as nodes. Almost everything you see on this or any other web page is made up of nodes but before Web 2.0 you got one small set of nodes for each web page. Now that sites are turning into the kinds of dynamic applications I’d been advocating since the mid-90’s(see also AJAX and the New Web), new nodes are constantly being created as you click. The set of nodes you download from page like Google Mail changes throughout the course of the day.


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