Is anyone reading this?

If so, please post a comment so we know you are out there…


9 thoughts on “Is anyone reading this?

  1. Memetic Engineer says:

    I am following your postings closely..

    What is the title of Chapter 25 ?

    It appears that William Gibson will be dragged into the Second Life virtual reality game for more promotional interviews, and criticism of the visual design of his Avatar – just like in Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash

  2. roadgone says:

    just found it- interesting- I always thot the fragments WG posted on the official board were a bit like the footage- fragments of a work before the whole was released and was surprised that they didn’t get more play/examination in the board.

    will explore avidly- thanks for the effort

  3. Mihtjel says:

    I am reading it, as someone was kind enough to post it on my blog. I can see that I should really get up to speed with this new book, and hurry up and buy it when it becomes available here in Denmark.

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