Spook Country Chapter Summaries online

The Node Tumblr is now in motion…

With 42 days before the official release and a total of 84 chapters, I will begin posting two short (under 807 characters each in celebration of the official release date) chapter summaries each day. Quotations will be very sparse and all posts will contain my interpretations (and likely significant spoilers) re: the yet-to-be-released work.


4 thoughts on “Spook Country Chapter Summaries online

  1. Memetic Engineer says:

    I look forward to each Chapter Summary and Quotation as you publish it.

    Any chance of enabling comments on node.tumblr.com itself ?

    N.B. “Spooked Country” should presumably be “Spook Country” in the reference tag at the bottom of each Quotation

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up, M.E. I fixed the refs just now.

    Unfortunately, tumblr doesn’t support comments. I did a quick search earlier to see if there are any third-party workarounds and, so far, no dice.

    Thanks again for your help. Feel free to post other thoughts here for now.

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