Advanced Praise for Node Magazine!

Wow! The first reviews from some of the web’s most prestigious discussion board posters are already in (and not a single article has been published yet):

  • “Pretentious”
  • “Quasi-graphical MUCK”
  • “Amazing lack of imagination”
  • “Desire for easy hits when (William Gibson’s Spook Country) comes out and the unavoidable googling begins”
  • “A flashpoint of vapor on a horizon that moves like a chrome spectre” (thanks, David!)

With expectations at a fever pitch, we are preparing to change the face of cyber-journalism in ways that even the most lucid critic has yet to fear.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Praise for Node Magazine!

  1. Raymond Baal says:

    This is interesting but very familiar and I really will have to get to my much-neglected Yahoo group and tidy things up before posting some linkage but there’s a book (by Michael K, who’s a story and half in himself) called ‘SMASH’ which has come out in a series of different versions since 1997 which has a similar ‘magazine’ element and may have further resonances as well. In it the protagonists are recruited to work for a magazine which doesn’t appear to exist despite paying them more than handsomely to sit around it’s plush offices. The very interesting thing about this was that the fictional non-existent magazine in the book existed outside of the book while the book itself has never been sold. It’s author, Michael K, apparently inserts his books into the stock of unsuspecting bookshops without so much as a publisher, barcode etc.

    I can tell more as I’ve been periodically an ‘expert’ on the elusive K enigma but What I’m really wondering is if Gibson has come across him at any point. Certainly K’s ‘project’ which has been ongoing for around 20 years, is the absolute essence of what Gibson is calling the ‘anti-product’

    Anyway, I will get some links over here asap.


  2. Violet Orr says:

    Honestly, is Michael Kearney still going around pretending to be Raymond Baal, the “expert” on Michael K who fancies himself as a sort of mysterious KLF arts project? Stop talking about yourself as if you’re someone else Michael and do something useful!

  3. admin says:

    Hi, Violet.

    Sorry, wrong Kearney. I have a cousin named Michael in Baltimore.

    I fancy myself as someone who is doing this project right now.

    Thanks for your comment.

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